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The "GABE"

The "GABE"

The Next Generation of Fall Protection.

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The "GAB" is a cutting-edge device designed for individuals who, for various reasons, opt not to wear a full body harness. Instead of physically stopping a fall, the "GAB" functions as an alert system, immediately notifying someone that a fall has occurred.

When you download our Bay Block App, you have the option to select and add up to 5 emergency contacts from your phone. This guarantees that assistance can be promptly notified in the event of an incident.

The versatility of the "GAB" allows it to be utilized in various situations, such as riding a four-wheeler, being in a tree stand without fall protection, or even riding motorcycles and horses.

Utilizing the "GAB" is a simple process. You only need to securely fasten it to a dependable anchorage point, and then attach the other end to your belt loop. This ensures that the device remains accessible and functional in the unfortunate event of a fall.


This belt is made from 100% nylon. The plastic case is made out of ABS. The metal pins are stainless steal.

Shipping & Returns

Ships within 3-4 days. We have a 14 day return policy.


19x 2.5 x2

Care Instructions

Wipe off all surface dirt with a sponge dampened in plain water. Squeeze the sponge dry. Dip the sponge in a mild solution of water and mild detergent. Work up a thick lather, with a vigorous back-and-forth motion. Then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Hang freely to dry, but away from excessive heat, steam, or long periods of sunlight. Storage areas should be clean, dry, and free of exposure to fumes, heat, direct ultraviolet light, sunlight, and corrosive elements.

Note: (Do not store next to batteries, a chemical attack can occur if the battery leaks.)

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