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The Next Generation of Fall Protection.

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Meet "ZAC" this is the next generation of fall protection. With a standard fall protection equipment when in use and someone falls they are left hanging in a harness. They can suffer suspension trauma (harness hang syndrome) or even worse death. When you connect "ZAC" to your anchorage point (tie-off point) then add a lanyard and a harness "ZAC" will keep watch for you. When you download our Bay Block App you can select up to 5 contacts on your phone. Then whether you are in a tree stand or anywhere else fall protection is used if something happens and you fall our "ZAC" sends a text message to the contacts you selected telling them there was a fall detected. It will also send the current GPS location of the person who needs help. U.S. Patent #11,663,897

The ZAC is available in Camo with no D rings or Yellow with D rings.


Meets or exceeds ANSI and OSHA specifications

Expiration Date of 5 years from date of Inservice

Working load limit of 3,000 lbs

Includes a charger


Forged D rings (Nickel Plated)

100% Nylon Belts

ABS plastics

Weights 1.6 pounds

Bay Block APP is available on the App Store and Google Play Store

Must have a smartphone with Cellular Data and Bluetooth Capabilities 

FREE SHIPPING items will ship within 3-4 days

14-day return policy 

Must set up a subscription plan to use this device through our Bay Block App



This belt is made from 100% nylon. The plastic case is made out of ABS. The metal pins are stainless steal.

Shipping & Returns

Ships within 3-4 days. We have a 14 day return policy.


19x 2.5 x2

Care Instructions

Wipe off all surface dirt with a sponge dampened in plain water. Squeeze the sponge dry. Dip the sponge in a mild solution of water and mild detergent. Work up a thick lather, with a vigorous back-and-forth motion. Then wipe dry with a clean cloth. Hang freely to dry, but away from excessive heat, steam, or long periods of sunlight. Storage areas should be clean, dry, and free of exposure to fumes, heat, direct ultraviolet light, sunlight, and corrosive elements.

Note: (Do not store next to batteries, a chemical attack can occur if the battery leaks.)

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